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Our story begins back in the early 1980’s, when archaeologists digging in York to save rapidly disappearing Viking remains, were visited by a retired businessman who asked if he could help.

The meeting of minds between the academic and the entrepreneur led to the most innovative cultural shift in a generation – presenting complex subjects and stories for the enjoyment of the mass market. This first created the Jorvik Viking Centre in York and then went on to develop over 100 world-class visitor attractions around the world; turning the culture industry into a popular form of family entertainment.

Inspired by the entrepreneur, Ian Skipper, and the academic, Dr Peter Addyman, Heritage Projects Management Ltd was born as a private limited company in 1984; this became Continuum, the leading visitor attractions group.

Now we have our own fascinating 29-year story to tell of creating the most engaging stories in the most memorable places for millions and millions of people around the globe.

When we succeed for visitors, we succeed as a business and indeed, we operate commercially profitable visitor attractions and are a commercially successful company.

We own the operating businesses at:
The Real Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh
The Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth
The Canterbury Tales, Canterbury
Kent Life, Maidstone
Oxford Castle Unlocked, Oxford
York's CHOCOLATE Story, York
Coronation Street The Tour, Manchester

Continuum attractions collectively welcome nearly a million visitors a year.  To achieve all of this we recruit and retain the most passionate and effective people in the industry.  Our Strategy is to develop even more memorable places and tell more engaging stories around the UK.

I have had the pleasure of being involved from (almost) the start of our story, so...
– if you want to partner Continuum to develop a new attraction or for us to improve the operation of one you have, please contact me personally.
– if you are going to visit one of our attractions I know you will enjoy your visit, please let me know personally what you enjoyed most?

Juliana Delaney